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Best Seller Box

Best Seller Box

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Beans or Grounds?

Best Seller Bundle: An Expedition of Flavours

  • Amor: A harmonious blend of Robusta and Arabica from Colombia, Ethiopia, and Brazil. Experience a medium to dark roast offering bright aromas, a medium body, and flavours bursting with caramel sweetness, citrus brightness, and a chocolaty finish. The aftertaste? Pure toffee.
  • Transcend: Crafted from Latin American, Kenya AA, and Brazil Mogiana beans, this dark roast boasts cool aromas and a full body. Indulge in velvety flavours of rich chocolate and berry fruits, leading to a luxurious chocolate aftertaste.
  • Coco Touch: Originating from Brazil's Yellow Bourbon, this medium roast captures the essence of butterscotch sweetness, balanced with hazelnut brittle hints and a lasting milk chocolate aftertaste.

Dive deep into our top-selling blends and redefine your coffee rituals. Experience the distinctive profiles of each, curated from the world's finest beans, and embark on a sensory journey like no other.

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