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Odyssey Box

Odyssey Box

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Beans or Grounds?

Odyssey Box: Sip the Essence of Adventure


Embark on a journey of unparalleled coffee discovery with GØDHEAD's Odyssey Box. Every sip you take tells a tale, every aroma transports you, and every flavor becomes a cherished memory.


Wanderlust: An ode to the adventurous spirit, this 100% Arabica blend from Rwanda is light-roasted to perfection. It hints at floral and fruity notes, harmonized beautifully with redcurrant and berries, finishing off with a rich caramel and white chocolate aftertaste.


Spice Bomb: An exhilarating explosion of flavors from Sumatra and Indian Mysore. This medium-roasted, 100% Arabica blend immerses you in a symphony of spices with earthy undertones. Its full body and syrupy mouthfeel are a testament to its richness.


Nirvana: Experience tranquility in a cup. Sourced from Nicaragua La Bastilla, this light roast has a refreshing aroma of fruits. Taste the sweetness of apples and pears, complemented by citrus undertones, culminating in a smooth caramel finish.

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